We understand the importance of having your medical insurance forms submitted in a timely manner.  We will do our best to fill out your form and return it as soon as possible.  The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan’s recommendation is that these forms be completed within 30 days of receiving them, however we are generally able to complete these within 2 weeks or less.  As important as these forms are, our number one priority is to treat you (and all patients) for your condition, not describe your condition and treatment to insurance companies.  

We will not fill these out on the day of surgery, as our focus and attention is directed toward operating on you.  Additionally, there is often not enough time between cases to fill out this paperwork.  As operating room time is an extremely expensive and valuable resource, it is best to keep the flow going and minimize delays.  You may give your surgeon your forms on the day of surgery if you like, or you can drop them off at/send them in to the office ahead of time. Generally, we do not fill these forms out prior to your surgery, as the diagnosis, procedure, and time off work may change based on what we find in the OR.  However, if we have the forms prior to your surgery, we will often be able to complete it in the next few days after your surgery.

As for filling out these forms in cast clinic, we often simply do not have the time. Cast clinics are quite busy; we generally have ~25-30 patients booked in a 4 hour time period and do not want to keep patients waiting longer than they already are.  You can imagine how much it would slow things down if even 4 patients brought a form that took me 10 minutes to fill out.


To ensure your medical insurance form is filled out promptly, please follow these directions carefully:

  1. Drop off or send the form to the office in advance of your electively scheduled surgery or soon after your injury, such as in the case of fractures/dislocations.
  2. Complete your portion of the form in its entirety, including name, contact information, and signature.  Note that we cannot release your information to your employer/insurance company without your written consent.  If your form is not signed and dated then we cannot fill it out and send it in.
  3. Our office will contact you regarding the charge required for completion of your forms. 


Yes there is a charge for completion of these forms.  These forms are an uninsured service, meaning the Government of Saskatchewan does not compensate physicians for the time it takes to fill out this paperwork. Just as lawyers and other professionals charge for these services, physicians do as well.  These forms may take me away from seeing patients or from spending time with my family. The charges are in keeping with Saskatchewan Medical Association guidelines.