NEW Patients

  • If you have an Orthopaedic concern or injury, your family physician, specialist physician, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor can refer you to Dr. Buchko, Dr. Dunlop or Dr. Ogle for an appointment.

  • Be assured that your referral, diagnosis, and images will be reviewed soon after receiving the referral and we will triage your consultation based on the urgency status.

  • You will be contacted with your appointment information. Most often, you will be contacted 1 month in advance of your appointment, although if there are cancellations or extra clinic time, we may contact you with only a few days notice. You are welcome to contact our office to ensure that your referral has been received, but unfortunately we may not be able to tell you when your appointment will be.

  • If you have been contacted by our office with a scheduled appointment as a new patient, please fill out the new patient form prior to your appointment and bring it with you. This form is intended to improve our efficiency, allowing us to spend more time focusing on your concerns.

Thank you!

Dr. Buchko/Dr. Dunlop/Dr. Ogle

Dr. Buchko/Dr. Dunlop/Dr. Ogle